These tips are designed to give you some helpful solutions to common problems that may save you a call for refrigerator repair or service.

Tip #1: Level your fridge properly

Possibly the number one problem with refrigerators, is that they are incorrectly leveled when they are installed or moved.

To correctly align a refrigerator, here’s the cardinal rules…

  1. Always use a good level to ensure accuracy
  2. Make sure the unit is level right to left.
  3. Most important… make sure the fridge is tilted slightly back. This will accomplish two important things.
    1. Your fridge door will always close on its own. You’ll never come down in the morning to find that your fridge has been running all night, and/or the ice cream has melted all over the cake you baked the day before.
    2. The water and condensation that runs down into the bottom of the fridge will properly run to the back as it should. If the tilt is not there, or not enough, the water will either not run back or will be too slow. This may cause it to freeze and or worse, to soak into the insulation and eventually cause black mold to spread throughout the unit itself