These tips are designed to give you some helpful solutions to common problems that may save you a call for dryer repair or service.

Tip #1: Clean your Lint Trap before every load:

Dryers work on a very simple principle… hot air that enters the dryer fast and exits fast. The exit is the critical component, so if the way out is in any way hindered, the incoming air is held back slightly. This elevates the temperature to a point that could damage the machine or burn out the element.

Tip #2: Make sure the outside vent cap is completely clear:

The same principle discussed in Tip #1 applies here too. The difference is that while most folks are aware of keeping the lint trap clean, almost everyone forgets about the vent cover outside the home. This is a critically important part of the success equation. If there are any restrictions at all in the exhaust path from the dryer to the great outdoors, your dryer performance will deteriorate dramatically. At least once each year, open up the vent flaps and shine a flashlight into the opening to make sure there are no bird’s nests or other obstructions anywhere.

And never install a vent cap that has a built in screen, or never put a screen anywhere on or near the exterior vent cap hoping to keep birds or other intruders out. If you do, you will in effect create an additional lint filter¬† that never gets cleaned out. In just a few weeks or months depending on your usage, you will have a pad of lint up to 1″ thick or more that will almost completely block the venting of your dryer. To avoid any intrusion of unwanted species, just make sure the vent flaps move easily and do not bind or stick. A little silicone lubricant added once a year will ensure that the flaps are closed when the dryer is not in use and will effectively keep all unwanted visitors at bay.