From time to time, you find it necessary to move that fridge or stove, whether for cleaning, to find the lost TV remote, or to move the fridge downstairs to start it’s new life as the basement beer cooler and make way for the new one you just purchased.

For simple “Same-Floor” moving, some relatively modern appliances are equipped with wheels. Great if you find that to be the case. Fridges generally have some type of wheeled undercarriages which permit simple back and forth moving.

Be sure to secure stove and fridge doors before attempting to move these items. If not, there is a danger of the doors swinging open in transit, causing the movers to lose their grip or otherwise cause damage to the appliance.

A furniture “dolly” is a good idea for all moves and is almost a necessity when moving up or down stairs or out of the house.

If you are just moving the appliance over your tile, ceramic or linoleum flooring, another idea that works in most cases, is to put a piece or pieces of carpet, pile side down under the appliance before attempting to slide it over the floor. This works well when attempting to move the appliance around corners.

When it’s not possible to easily slide the appliance around using the above methods, it may be necessary to actually pick the item up and move it physically. This is where maximum caution is required, and unfortunately, where many serious household accidents happen. If you have any doubts about your ability to lift and maneuver 1/2 of a fridge for example, don’t even think of trying it. You may need to obtain the help of at least 2 of your most gym-tuned friends to assist you in the project. If you are one who fits the physical requirements of the job, never forget to keep your back straight, lowering and raising yourself with your legs. Serious and often permanent back injuries can result, and often do, when this simple rule is forgotten or ignored.

If in doubt, call a professional who has the experience and the tools to do the job safely.

Please note: The above information is provided for your information only. Rowe Refrigeration does not provide moving or removal services for major appliances except as noted on our “Services” page.