Buy New or Fix What You Have?

There is never an easy answer to the question of paying to have someone repair your fridge, stove, freezer or other major appliance, or buying a brand new item. Certainly, the excitement of shopping for a new kitchen range and matching refrigerator is not something to be treated lightly. When the big truck from Leon’s shows up in front of your house, you can’t wait to see the new appliances installed.

However, while not having the aforementioned fun and good times, don’t underestimate the benefits of repairing your existing appliances. In many cases, the new items you see in the big-box stores are flashy, modern and pack a host of new technological advancements, but lack the solid quality of the appliances built 10 or more years ago. We have seen many fridges for example, still in use after 40 or more years of service without ever having seen a repairman. It’s doubtful we’ll see that kind of performance in the newer units. Modern washers, dryers and dishwashers for example, generally are assembled with fans, motors, thermostats etc., that are not even close to the quality of the components of older appliances.

Unfortunately, we are living in a “Throw Away” society, where we often don’t even think about calling someone to repair our appliances. If we do, we may fear that the cost doesn’t justify the job and that in short order, we’ll be buying a new freezer after all. On top of all that, there’s the fear that we won’t be able to find a reputable and honest repair person. Much of the cost of repair is the labour, with parts contributing around 20 – 25% of the final bill. A repairman that takes more time than necessary will certainly inflate your bill, and a dishonest repairman will often insist you need expensive parts that are not the problem at all.

There are countless articles and websites that debate the age old question. In the end, it all comes down to your preference. Here’s where a trusted and honest appliance service company can be worth their weight in gold. Often the smaller, independent companies are family run and depend on a solid reputation in the community where they live and work. Ask around and do your research. Ask your neighbors and research on the Internet if possible. If you “Google” for an appliance repair company, be sure to include the city where you live (or close to it) to narrow down your search to a list you can work with. When you find a good service company, they will be in a good position to give you some solid advice on whether to repair or replace. Many will also offer used appliances that come somewhere in the middle of repairing your old unit or buying a brand new one.

At Rowe Appliance Service, we are proud of our reputation built over 44 years of customer satisfaction in the Kingston area. Give us a call and we would be happy to assess your needs and help you to make an informed decision.